Submit Saturday School Registration Form

Please read the contract below carefully to register, then fill out the boxes below with your information. We highly advise you to read the Parent-Student Handbook here for additional information. Please note we will be in person for the 2023-2024 school year. Minaret Academy Saturday School Contract: The Minaret Academy Saturday School welcomes and accepts everyone who wishes to register. We are happy to have new students come every year and meet each one of them. However, in certain situations, the Minaret Saturday School reserves the right to decline the admission of students and sometimes must take precautionary measures to maintain the welfare of the students. In situations of misbehavior, the student could be suspended from the school. Extreme cases may lead to expulsion. Enrollment Policy: The tuition, charged every two months, is paid in five installments: August 19 OR August 26 ( Registration Day) , October 7th, December 2nd, February 3rd, and April 6th. The first installment is due on August 19th or 26th along with the $40 registration fee and $100 book fee, $5 PTA Donation (Cash only) cash payment per student. For those who register and pay on the first day of school , September 9th, they will be charaged an additional fee of $20. All payments must be made even if a student is absent for a month. This is because the tuition is technically a single payment for the entire year, but we are dividing it into five installments for your convenience. If the tuition is not paid on time, a late fee of $15 will be added. Tuition must be paid with either cash or check. Students with pending tuition will not be admitted until all dues are cleared. For certain classes, a book is loaned to students for free. In case of damage or loss, a $30-dollar fee will be charged. If lost or damaged, the book will not be loaned to students the following year they attend and will be charged for the book instead. School hours will be from 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM. Students are expected to arrive at 9:25 AM. A late fee of $20 will be added for parents that pick up their children 10 minutes Late. No phones are allowed during school hours. with this Monthly Tuition: 1st child $110 Monthly, $220 Bi-Monthly, $970 Annual ($20 discount) 2nd child $105 Monthly, $210 Bi-Monthly, $925 Annual ($20 discount) 3rd child $105 Monthly, $210 Bi-Monthly, $925 Annual ($20 discount).