Minaret Academy Saturday school provides students with an outstanding Arabic, Quran and Islamic Studies education. We instill the values of honesty, knowledge, righteousness and discipline in a warm, friendly environment where students are actively involved in learning as well as adopting positive values. Placing the highest priority on reading and writing instruction, our staff will work collaboratively to ensure that all students succeed and meet their Arabic goals. All members of our professional staff are committed to excellence in all areas of our school, not just academically. Along with supplying them with knowledge, we strive to make our school a place where students have a belonging and are able to express their American Muslim identity to its fullest. Our mission is to supply an exceptional and first-rate education in an Islamic environment. We aim to encourage our students to become honest, accountable, knowledgeable and respectful individuals.

That sounds like a wonderful mission for Minaret Academy Saturday school! Providing students with a strong education in Arabic, Quran, and Islamic Studies is important, and instilling positive values such as honesty, knowledge, righteousness, and discipline can help them become well-rounded individuals. It's also great to hear that the school is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where students can express their American Muslim identity.

Prioritizing reading and writing instruction is important as well, as these skills are fundamental to success in many areas of life. Collaborative work among the staff can help ensure that all students receive the support they need to achieve their goals in Arabic language learning.

Overall, it sounds like Minaret Academy Saturday school is doing important work in providing an exceptional education in an Islamic environment and helping students become responsible and respectful individuals.




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